Monday, 31 December 2012

Feliz Navidad

I know this is a bit late but:
Happy Christmas to you all! Hope you had  a great time and are looking forward to 2013!

I've been in Bolivia over 2 weeks now, home seems like so long ago already!
My journey here was long, missed a flight so had to wait around for a while. Casually fainted at La Paz airport due to altitude sickness but thankfully people were nice and helped me out!
So what have I been doing the last few weeks? Mostly prep for different Christmas activities; at a kids club, women's church meeting, women's prison, church, Carol service. Though I have been at so many Christmas things and there are trees and lights everywhere it did not feel like Christmas as it is so warm compared to December at home. I love Christmas so it has been fun to see what it's like somewhere different!

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    Praying for you out there - sorry to read about your trip out - have you fully adjusted now? Talking about hot weather, we've just had our first snow last night. Adele and Rachael had 10 minutes this morning to build a snow man, because we knew from the weather report that it was all going to be melting again by this afternoon. We're still hoping for a bit more snow - we haven't done any sledging yet!!
    Rachael Mathers is out in Thailand at the moment, visiting her parents and aunt and uncle - funny to think of all these people we know enjoying hot weather! Church life has as always its ups and downs, but God is good and faithful through it all.

    Look forward to seeing your next blog - take care, love

    Suzanne, Russell, Adele and Rachael